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Hiya! Since there is a completely new WordPress version out, which includes the completely new editor – Gutenberg – I’ve decided to refresh (again, yes!) the whole blog. Still not having a clear idea of what it would become, but at least to put something, so I can play around. And, yeah, I don’t mind to change everything in a live environment as, well, it’s nothing that important anyway. And it’s like a baby, you know. Once it behaves, sometimes – not exactly. At least not well.

Let’s see how the quotes look like! So, yeah – a quote “block”

  • List
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • List
  • Tw

5 responses to “Hello, Whatever…”

  1. Well, by far I am not really that impressed with the latest default template. Some letters are just TOO BIG. I might need to play around with the fonts and the general outlook some more. Anyway, I don’t mind the minimalistic view. Enough for today, cheers!

    • And just one more comment – for some reason, the previous comment needed like 20-30 seconds (!!) before being posted. Weird. Could this be due to the fact I’ve just switched the PHP version from 7.1 to 7.2? Dunno. Could be also the Caching thingy which my hosting company kindly provides. But it should’ve speed up the things x100 times!

  2. Even after the latest updates, I am not very happy with the overall performance of the site. It’s even worse when posting a comment.

    • It’s a bit faster, yet I am not sure if it’s because of the hosting or the caching plugin.

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